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Case Development & Documentation Cell

The Case Development & Documentation Cell (CDDC), MATI is concerned primarily with documentation and development of best practices across the state of Meghalaya. Though the cell is at its very nascent stage of creating such valuable content, the cell aspires to be a one-stop-shop for creating and storing a repository of best practices across the country that will be beneficial for efficient and effective governance.

Besides the above, the CDD cell provides the following trainings for the state:

Right to Information Act, 2005:

The RTI Act, 2005 training programmes conducted by MATI aim at creating a knowledgeable citizenry by providing trainings for both the supply and demand side. The trainings at the district headquarters level are given to the Govt. officials of the respective district, so as to empower them to dispose of RTI applications in an efficient and timely manner as per the Act.

At the Community & Rural Development (C&RD) Block level, the trainings are targeted at Women groups, Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs), Traditional Heads, and Govt. officials of the respective C&RD Block with the aim of equipping the trainees with the knowledge of their rights to access information under the RTI Act, 2005.

The CDD cell also conducts Training of Trainers (ToT) and Advanced ToT on the Act, so as to enhance the institute’s repository of resource persons on the RTI Act, 2005.

Goods & Services Tax:

The trainings are focused on arming the accounts officers & staffs of various Govt. departments of the state with the knowledge on GST. The trainings are intensive and topics covered in the trainings are specially targeted to the requirements of the Government departments. The trainings are currently being conducted at the District Headquarter level.

Documentation of Best Practices & Report Writing:

There are many initiatives within the Government that are unnoticed or undocumented simply because the officers & staff involved are not equipped with the know-how of documenting such best practices. It is imperative that such initiatives be shared, so as to enable others to adopt them. These trainings aim at giving the Govt. officials the tools for documenting and preparing reports that are easy to comprehend and implement. The CDD cell also provides support to the respective departments that are willing to perform the documentation practices.

Learning Repository and Documents

Tab 1: Foundation Course

Training Materials

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Tab 2: Academic Module 1

RTI Instructions

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The Cell comprises of Smti. Emelia. K. Massar, Asstt Director (Case Development & Documentation Cell), MATI and Shri. Talseng Guri Sangma, LDA, MATI.

Any queries, suggestions and proposals for collaboration may be sent to the email id : mati.casedev@gmail.com