Disaster Management Cell

The Disaster Management Cell (DMC) in the Meghalaya Administrative Training Institute (MATI), Shillong, was set up with the induction of two (2) faculty Members in July 2006 and since then, the Institute has conducted a number of Training Programmes on Disaster Risk Management (DRM) covering various Hazards and different Stakeholders.

Besides the above, the CDD cell provides the following trainings for the state:


The Disaster Risk Management (DRM) Programme started with the training for School Teachers to help them prepare the School Safety Plan. The Formats standardised by the Revenue & Disaster Management Department, Government of Meghalaya, were used for the training & Smti R.V.Suchiang, IAS, the then Director, MATI herself spearheaded the efforts during the initial Training Programmes. The first program was attended by 78 Teachers/Principals. Based on the feedback received and the inputs gained, the scope of trainings on Disaster Management was widened to cater to different areas of Disaster Management by involving various stakeholders under different themes.

For the conduct of trainings, the Cell has collaborated with National & State Institutes of the country such as the National Institute of Disaster Management (NIDM), New Delhi, Central Training Institute (CTI) of the Department of Civil Defence & Home Guards, Shillong, the North Eastern Hill University, Shillong, Jowai Polytechnic, the State Disaster Management Authority, the District Disaster Management Authority, the State Resource Centre for Women (SRC) of the Department of Social Welfare, Meghalaya, the Public Works Department (PWD) , the Health Department, the Urban Affairs Department, the Geological Survey of India, the Disaster Management Cell of the Lady Keane College, Shillong, St Mary’s College, Shillong, the College of Teacher Education, Shillong etc. for aid in training as well as for the Resource persons including retired Government officials, who from time to time have been helping us in imparting training on various aspects of Disaster Management.


Building a safe, secure and disaster-resilient state with an effective, efficient and coordinated approach to Disaster Risk Management.


  • Imparting training on Disaster Risk Management to help create a culture of prevention, mitigation, preparedness and prompt response.
  • Capacity building of various stakeholders (government officials and non-governmental functionaries) through focused inputs and their active involvement for multi-faceted approach to Disaster Risk Management.

Our Activities:

  • Design and Conduct of trainings on Disaster Management as well as decentralised trainings covering all the districts of the state
  • Developing IEC materials on preparedness
  • Aiding in preparation of Disaster Management Plans
  • Organising Disaster Specific Training
  • Organising Sensitisation programmes for mass awareness
  • Regular talks on All India Radio Shillong on topics of Disaster Management

Our Trainings:

  • Flood Disaster Risk Management
  • Landslide Disaster Risk Management
  • Earthquake Disaster Risk Management
  • Cyclone Disaster Risk Management
  • Village Disaster Risk Management
  • Personal Preparedness
  • School Disaster Preparedness
  • Psychosocial Care
  • Trauma Care
  • Basic Life Support (BLS)
  • Search and Rescue and First Aid (S&R and FA)
  • Gender Issues in Disaster Management
  • Techno-Legal Regime for Earthquake Risk Management
  • Rapid Visual Screening (RVS) of Lifeline Buildings
  • Earthquake Safe Construction
  • Hazard Risk Vulnerability Assessment (HRVA)
  • Standard Operating Procedures of Departments during Disasters

Learning Repository and Documents

Disaster Management Act

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Training Materials

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RTI Instructions

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Contact Us:

  • Contact Person: Smt. M. Langstieh.
  • Designation: Assistant Professor, Disaster Management Cell & Course Coordinator
  • Contact details:mati.dmc2@gmail.com

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