Speaker 1

Director General's Message

One of the priority areas for the Government of Meghalaya is training and capacity building of government officials at all levels. This has assumed greater significance in view of diversified government functions, convergence needs and the imperative to improve systematic performance and outcomes. Also, the aspirations of the people and their expectations for efficient public service delivery have increased tremendously. Meghalaya Administrative Training Institute (MATI) thus, serves as the focal point to enable public servants to develop better understanding of professional requirements including the need for value-based management and enhance their skills, knowledge and attitude in ways that would optimize their performance in work arenas.

To meet the challenges of ever changing needs and even faster changing technologies, there is a dire need to empower our work force through a coordinated and sustainable approach. Stereo-typed curriculum and age-old training methodology needs to be done away with. Concerted efforts are being made by MATI to innovate and integrate various programmes in tune with the day-to-day functions and systems and novel use of technologies in managing the work-processes.

The main aim of our Institute is to develop right ability and capability in our participants with a commitment to build, sustain and improve upon the milieu, which promotes learning and innovation. I am hopeful that with the active involvement of all our stakeholders, we would be able to realise our vision of making this Institute, a Centre of Excellence. I look forward to your valuable suggestions to take us on our onward journey.